Solutions for biological wastewater treatment.

Advanced, simple, and robust technologies for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, as well as advanced digital control solutions to ensure compliance and minimize operational costs.

cimico mobed® mbbr eeff

Innovative and energy-efficient MBBR for the removal of organic matter and low concentrations of nitrogen, without sludge recirculation, occupying minimal space and consuming the least possible energy.

cimico mobed® mbbr ifas

Biological removal of organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphorus with sludge recirculation, minimal space requirement, and maximum potential for biogas generation.

cimico sembba® mbsbr ifas

SBR optimized with a moving bed. Robustness and simplicity as an alternative to AGS options. Minimal space without a secondary clarifier and ideal for remodeling existing SBRs

cimico anammox mbbr ifas

Robust and simple version of Anammox, in MBBR IFAS configuration, to minimize nitrogen load with minimal consumption in plants with DA.

cimico amas® mabr ifas

Disruptive version of MABR technology, with its own module and innovative configuration capable of reducing energy consumption by 70% compared to a CAS.

Advanced automatic control

Advanced control systems for CIMICO technologies and existing biological treatments such as CAS, MBBR, IFAS, MBR, AD, ensuring compliance and minimizing costs.

Intelligent control through AI

Artificial intelligence-based enhancements for optimization of control solutions, including Predictive Control and Fault-Tolerant Control.

Consulting and preliminary projects

We collaborate in the analysis of the appropriate solution for projects in their design phase, for all our technologies.


We assist you in identifying why your plant is not functioning properly, help you solve it, and provide training so you can do it yourself.


Our solutions are tailored to meet the varying needs of each sector, depending on the influent data and the requirements.

Food and beverages

For all different sectors, both for only organic matter or also nitrogen removal, we have successful cases in various applications.

Pulp and paper industry

With several installations in this sector, our technologies can treat effluent from anaerobic systems or the entire flow, depending on the size of the plant.


For both laundries and textile companies, we have experience in plants with different requirements for nitrogen removal.

Oil & Gas

We have experience in refineries and raw material processing plants, both for organic matter and nitrogen

Chemical and pharmaceutical

Industries with typically more complex discharges, with significant nitrogen requirements that our technologies remove without any issue

Small populations

Our MBBR EEFF is optimal for small populations with high seasonality, thanks to its flexibility, robustness against load variations, and low consumption.

Medium-sized populations

The refurbishment of extended aeration plants with MBBR is the unbeatable solution to increase capacity, minimize SRT, and reduce consumption with intermittent aeration.

Large populations

Whether it's a new plant or a renovation, our solutions are ideal for increasing plant capacity without requiring additional space, minimizing consumption, and enhancing biogas generation to achieve energy neutrality.

Why Cimico

We innovate to bring to the market simpler, more robust and energy-efficient solutions.


Decoupling, the base of our knowledge.

Structured and decoupled knowledge to identify biological processes separately, enhancing them to achieve maximum effectiveness.


Mathematical simulation for optimal sizing.

Our mathematical simulation tool, called FILMATH, unique in the world, allows us to simulate operations at 98% accuracy and optimize sizing to minimize investment.


Proprietary and patented designs that enhance efficiency.

All components of our technologies are uniquely designed. We have our own MABR module and our own moving bed, MOBED®, known for its high specific surface area and good hydraulic performance.


Advanced controls developed by process engineers.

Our process team, specializing in mathematical simulation, has evolved into programming, developing highly advanced controls based on process knowledge and algorithms, and optimized with artificial intelligence.


From knowledge to market, with excellence and results.

SpainAlimentación y bebidas

EDAR cárnica con necesidad de eliminación de materia orgánica con concentración media de DQO



EDARi planta para eliminación de carbono donde eliminamos entre 6 y 7 kg de DQO al día



EDAR con gran variabilidad estacional, multiplicando el caudal x 4 y la carga x 8 en verano.



EDAR planta con un caudal de 3.000 m3/día donde la aireación se ha realizado mediante un sistema de burbuja gruesa.


Químico y farmaSpain

EDARi para aguas de una fundición de aluminio.

Cyclus ID

SpainAlimentación y bebidas

EDARi de una empresa de aromas alimentarios reconvirtiendo reactor de fango activo en reactor con MBBR lecho móvil MOBED®




Vision and leadership at the service of our clients.

Cimico is a company co-founded by nutrient removal expert Dr. Luis Larrea and Inés Larrea, who has a significant background in business and entrepreneurship and leads the company.


Sustainable innovation for a better future.

Our purpose is to make the most advanced knowledge accessible to the market, driving the path towards a more sustainable future that ensures optimal management of vital resources such as water.


Add your talent to a growing team.

Cimico is firmly committed to young talent, developing an internal training program that allows for growth and specialization within the company. If you want to join a growing team, send us your CV at


Globally connected from San Sebastián.

Cimico is a company based in San Sebastián (Spain) with the capacity to carry out projects globally. Our team of specialists in mathematical simulation, biological treatment technologies, and project management is at your disposal.


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